Lorraine Watkins was the daughter of "Mum" Brooks and the mother of Judith-Anne Watkins.

She is unwilling to have anything to do with Mum when she is released, and leaves her at a roadside restaurant, from where Mum finds accommodation at a lodging house run by the Gibsons. She is only persuaded to have Mum to come and live with her family when Mum has a fall and the Gibsons' contact her. She insists that Mum pretends to be Aunt Violet (5) as she's already told everyone that her mother is dead. She still bears resentment towards Mum for killing her father. When Karen Travers looks her up to tell her Mum in hospital, she is played by another actress (65). After Judith-Anne has given birth to a son and she visits them in hospital, she softens and agrees to allow Judith-Anne, the baby and Mum to move back into the family home.

Lorraine Watkins played by Anne Charleston who also appeared as Diedre Kean later in the series.