Lori Young (later Maynard) appeared on Prisoner from Episodes 209 - 347.

Suprise ArrivalEdit

Lori arrived at Wentworth Detention Centre looking for Judy Bryant as Judy was Lori's Mother.

Although there is a bit of confusion from the other prisoners who knew Judy to be an out lesbian, Judy confirms it's true, and that Lori was put up for adoption as a baby.

Lori finds out why Judy got herself deliberately put in Wentworth, and does a similar thing. She goes to a shop and asks the salesperson if she can try on a few rings, after which she runs out, and makes herself easy to catch. Lori spends some time with Judy however isn't in for long when it's discovered her reasons for being caught in the first place, and she gets released.

Lori later turns up to help Judy get settled in her new flat after she is released. She arrives with her new husband Geoff Maynard. Judy was unable to attend the wedding while inside due to not being released in time, however Lori understands. Lori's life is threatened when Jock Stewart returns to terrorize Judy.

Lori later shows up again, leaving her baby on the doorstep of Driscoll House. The baby is deaf, and Lori abandoned it, unable to cope, however Judy, and Geoff manage to help her accept the baby.

Lori is not seen after this.


  • Judy has a daughter despite admitting to Helen Smart that she was a virgin as far as men were concerned.
  • It would have been possible for the writers to easily explain it as artificial insemination (however it would have been less common at the time of Lori's conception). Judy makes reference to Lori being concieved in the common way.
  • Betty Bobbit who plays Judy, comments on this in her book From the Outside.
  • Considering the rate episodes were shown when first broadcast, perhaps viewers were expected to have forgotten such elements of backstory by the time Lori was introduced.

Lori Young was played by Susannah Fowle.