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Lizzie Birdsworth
Lizzie birdsworth
First Appeared Ep 001
Last Appeared Ep 418
Status Deceased October 12, 1991
Crime Murder (acquitted), willfull damage of property, shoplifting, escaping lawful custody
Played by Sheila Florance

Elizabeth Josephine Birdsworth appeared on Prisoner from Episodes 001 - 418.

Life in PrisonEdit

Lizzie Birdsworth was originally serving time for the poisoning of four sheep shearers who complained about her cooking whilst she worked in the outback. The work overseer, Ralph Campbell later made a deathbed confession that he put a lethal amount of poison in after seeing Lizzie put a small amount in a stew. Ralph added the extra amount to make it lethal. Lizzie is released from Wentworth Detention Center and lives with Doreen Anderson in the Sally Lee Halfway House.

Not long after this their druken antics get Doreen put back inside. Lizzie has become institutionalised and with nobody on the outside to help her, she shoplifts to get put back inside Wentworth.  Given that she was wrongly imprisoned for so long all she gets is a series of slaps on the wrist. Lizzie then gets in touch with her daughter (Marcia) whom Lizzie gave up at birth. Marcia is actually Ellen and is after money for her daugter Josie's operation. When the prisoners get wind of this, they put the hard word on Marcia/Ellen who runs. Lizzie is furious - she knew they were fakes, but also knew the money would essentially buy her a family when she got released. Luckily for Lizzie, Marcia/Ellen comes back to confess, and is overjoyed when Lizzie says she will help anyway.

Lizzie also took the blame for the murder of Kay White, who was actually murdered by Linda Jones who was trying to defend Lizzie. Originally Lizzie gets a 5 year sentence, but she appeals and gets it reduced to 18 months. This suits Lizzie, as this will give Josie enough time to have her operation in the US, recover, and return. Although she plans to move in with them, there is no more mention of Marcia/Ellen or Josie.

Lizzie also develops a relationship with Sid Humphries - a handyman at the prison but Sid eventually dies.

Lizzie eventually leaves, to live with her real son Arthur Charlton and his family.


  • Lizzie didn't have too much in the way of dramatic storylines as she was usually the comic relief, especially with Doreen in the earlier episodes of the show.
  • Lizzie was notorious for her fondness for alcohol, often devising ways to steal medicinal spirits or whatever Erica Davidson happened to have in the decanter in her office.
  • Lizzie often used her "old ticker" as an excuse and used her heart condition as a diversion either for other prisoners or herself.
  • Lizzie was revealed to be aged 71 in episode 86 when the police requestion her about the poisioning 20 years before, Sheila was aged 64 at the time.
  • There has been a clue that Lizzie disliked Bea during the early episodes as she was on Franky's side of the riot. She laughed when Franky kicked Bea in the buttocks and when Franky laughed at Bea during Helen's interview Lizzie joined in.
  • Lizzie's favorite colour was lavender

Lizzie Birdsworth was played by the late Sheila Florance.

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