Lil Stokes

Lily Beatrice Stokes




Assault, murder

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Played By

Judith McLorinan


Dead, died from fever outbreak

Lil Stokes was a background prisoner who was first named in #093 and first appeared in #091. The last mention of her is in #391.


Lil was a hired goon like Bev Cavelli often teaming up with her to help more prominent prisoners. Usually this help involves bashings, and other violence, however Lil was also bashed by Nola Mckenzie on one occasion. She eventually helped Nola to Bash up Bea Smith some time later.

In episode 216 it is mentioned by Bea and Doreen that Lil had an "accident" and was burned in the press in the laundry. It is understood that they say it to scare prisoner Alison Page, with the under meaning that the accident was no accident.

Lil occasionally had a few lines in later episodes, nothing of importance, and occasionally was credited, but after helping to bash Bea, she returned to being a background character again.

In episode #392, Lil dies from the lassa fever outbreak.


  • Lil was a background extra, however was credited on 6 episodes.
  • In one episode, Bea was talking about "lifers" and mentioned Lil as one of them. This explains why Lil wasn't worried about the punishment for getting caught - she was going to be in for at least 10 years.
  • During her late episodes without Bev, she would usually have Mary, Jacko or Ronnie on her side.

Lil Stokes was played by Judith McLorinan