Leanne Burke is the daughter of Noeline Burke. She is first seen in episode 33 visiting her mother with her slow uncle Col Burke. She then is seen in episode 50 when she and Noeline are robbing a building. Noeline is caught but Leanne escapes. When visiting her in jail she meets the social worker Jean Vernon who convinces to do the 'ultimate taboo' accepting charity. She also gives Leanne her address (Meg's Flat) only for her to steal from it ($20 and a radio).

She is disowned by the Burke family and moves in with Jean and Meg Jackson (with a bit of protest). Jean gets her a job at Coles only for her to fired after stealing from the till. She then steals from a service station and is arrested. It's unknown what prison she went to. She then appears in episode 120 and helps organize a riot (its cause was Sharon Gilmour's murder by Jock Stewart and the injustice surrounding it). While protesting on the roof of Wentworth she accidentally falls and dies (120).