Kerry was an artist transferred to Wentworth Detention Centre to let her talents flourish. She was given a double cell to have enough room for her painting materials, and seemed to be getting special treatment which the other prisoners resented. Kerry is in prison as she was a prostitute, and violently attacked her client.

Sharon Gilmour took an interest in Kerry, however Sharon falsely spread the word that Kerry was a lagger. Vera Bennett took an interest in Kerry's work, as Vera claimed she loved to paint as a child. Kerry gives Vera a painting that she was intending to paint over, and Kerry's agent David Austin concocts a story that Vera blackmailed Kerry to get the painting.

Kerry is eventually paroled on the condition she has no association with David, however she continues to see him. He manipulates her, in order to make money from her, and Kerry becomes jealous of other women he is seeing, causing her to knock him out with an ashtray. She believed he was dead after this.

Kerry gets some drugs from Helen Smart's pimp warning her that she'll kill herself if she takes them with alcohol. She does anyway and passes out, causing Helen to discover her and make an anonymous phone call to Paul Reid. David finds her before this however, and takes her paintings rather than call for help believing her to be dead.

Paul Reid manages to fight for Kerry's welfare, and arranges for her to not lose her parole on the condition she gets treated in a psychiatric hospital, and this is the last time Kerry is seen.