Kay Frances White was an inmate who appeared from episodes 127-145, she was the sly administrator of
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Andrew Reynold's work factory, she placed some bets with then prison bookie Margo Gaffney and agreeing to help Judy make a dress for an escape attempt.

Days In PrisonEdit

Kay first started out as a bookkeeper at Andrew Reynold's work factory, she gets very friendly with the women on the work release scheme, especially Margo and Judy, when she places a bet with Margo and Judy gives her

Kay Frances White




Theft, embezzlement

First Appeared

Ep. 127

Last Appeared

Ep. 145

Played By

Sandy Gore

winnings to Kay to get her a dress for her escape (127). She has been stealing goods from the factory for quite a while and sees the opportunity to blame it on the women on the work release: she sets up Noeline to be caught throwing a roll of material out of the factory window to her brother (132). When Andrew Reynolds announces the firm's accounts are to be audited, she stuffs the factory pay envelopes with paper and "borrows" the money to place a huge bet to pay back what she has stolen but her deception is discovered while she is away and she is caught when she returns to replace the stake money (134). Remanded to Wentworth for embezzlement and theft, where the women prey on her and try to tempt her back into gambling to undermine her defence of accepting psychiatric treatment for her compulsive gambling. Dr Weissman gives evidence aganist her at her trial and she is sentenced to 5 years (140). After Bea has been sent to solitary for giving Kay a bashing (142), Kay takes over the book from Margo, until Judy and Lizzie trick her into accepting bets she can't pay out for. When she finds out how she's been set up.


After she's been set up, she runs to Lizzie Birdsworth's cell and attacks her until Linda Jones defendes her by hitting her head with a jug kettle, she later dies of a blood clot to the brain.

Kay White was played by Sandy Gore

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