Kathleen Margaret Hall arrives at Wentworth along with prisoner Dinah Walford in episode 213. She has been sentenced to two months for theft and possession of stolen goods.

We quickly learn that Hall is the former wife of Officer Terry Harrison. But they split up 12 years ago and her current husband Andy is doing time in Pentridge. Pretty soon after her arrival she starts finding threathening notes in her cell. And someone wires her kettle to try electricute her and Bea Smith finds ground glas in Kathy's sugar. She also smacked in the head from behind. The women figure it must have been Dinah Walford who did those things. Her ex-husband Terry tries to do a bit of investigation himself on Dinah and the reason behind her actions. Kathy has a visit from her flatmate Betty, who warns her to stay inside where she will be safer, as there are rumours that someone is trying to kill her and she has seen someone watching the flat. As is it near the end of her sentence Kathy desperately tries to prolong her stay in Wentworth. She steals contraband from the kitchen unsucessfully, next she tampers with one of the dryers cauzing a fire in the laundry room but this gets blamed on old wiring. Finally she threatens to set Vera on fire after throwing turpent

Kathy lying dead after the hit-and-run Ep220

ine on her. Terry Harrison persuades Vera not to write a rapport on Kathy and she is released from Wentworth. Leaving the gates behind her she is immediately run over by a car and dies. Turns out it was organized by her ex-husband Terry Harrison as revenge.

Kathy Hall, was played by Sue Jones [1]