Kath Maxwell appeared from episodes 601 - 692. Introduced as a friend of Bob Moran as his dinner guest with her husband Alan (601). Bob and Alan served together in Vietnam and as a result of Alan's exposure to defoliants, Kath's daughter Linda was born handicapped and suffering considerable pain. Kath calls Bob to help her after she kills Linda to end her pain and he advises her to give herself up to the police.

Life in PrisonEdit

Inducted to Wentworth as Katherine Lorraine Maxwell (613). When she was first admitted she didn't get along very well with the other girls because of their view on child killers. Starts dealing coke with Janet Williams. Joan Ferguson transfers Merle Jones from another block to act as her bodyguard. Kath seduces officer Rodney Adams to help her with tricks. Snatched from prison, casino while Rita is away, becomes top dog, Spider Simpson, shop, recruited by Ronnie Willis to frame Marty Jackson for supplying heroin to Spike Marsh, leaves Merle behind when she escapes, escapes from guard Matt Denson after killing his brother, recaptured trying to get Merle out of Ingleside. Rita prevents her committing suicide after Merle rejects her. Does a deal with Rita over the videotape for the documentary. Teacher Tom effects reconciliation with Merle, named by Rita as her successor as top dog.