One of the Barnhurst prisoners transferred to Wentworth after the fire and riot that "killed" Bea Smith (537). She immediately gets known for her "Seal Like Laugh", and earned the nickname "Chookie". She and Lexie Patterson, soon become close friends.

Julie stole money from her workplace to help her terminally ill mother to travel the world and buy a house. Julie is shy but highly intelligent, and initially hides her intelligence. Julie unwittingly becomes the pawn in Officer Joan Ferguson's power play between the department and the union (which she is Union rep for ) She refuses to have the staff accompany Julie to the hospital to visit her dying mother. Julie eventually invokes the human right laws and is able to see her mother, shortly before she passes away.

Julie begins working in the office doing secretary work, she steals a file on Reb Kean, and is soon taken off of it.

Julie bravely crawls through the air-conditioning ducts during the "Ruth Ballinger Siege" (549-552) to inform the police of the situation inside and how many terrorists.

Julie is voted into the council, and serves the whole duration of the council. She also enters the beauty pageant and wins overall.

After Nora Flynn's escape, Lou Kelly takes over and becomes top dog, Julie refuses to let her rule and talks some women out of Lou's plans for stirring up trouble for Mrs Reynolds. She fiercely defends Lexie, while Lou and her crew vow to kill Lexie as they think she is the Phantom Lagger.(593) She and Jessie Wyndam help Lexie to escape (598) Julie is put under pressure by Mr Moran, to lag on Lexie's location, during the Harry Bassinger storyline, but she doesn't.

Julie is bashed severely during the "Lou Kelly Riot" for undercutting Lou, (600) Steve Ryan saves her life and they grow very close and fall in love.

Julie is denied her parole in (620), Steve proposes to her, and Mrs Ryan, pays Miss Ferguson to keep Julie in prison. Julie and Steve marry in the prison and after one night together she was transferred to Barnhurst, so she will be able to see her husband Steve more often (628).