Judith-Anne or Judy as she was sometimes called, was Jeanette Mary Brooks' ("Mum") grand-daughter, and the only member of the Watkins family to take any interest in her beyond her immediate welfare.

At first, Judy thinks "Mum" is her great Aunt Violet, as Lorraine Watkins doesn't want their children to know their grandmother has been in prison. Judy is curious about this addition to the family, and starts to get to know her "Aunt". Later, she overhears her mother and realises that "Mum" is her grandmother, but by then it's too late, as Mum deliberately shoplifts as she doesn't want to stay in a house where her daughter doesn't welcome her.

While Mum is in prison, Judy visits her, however it's apparent that Judy wants to tell her something. Eventually she confesses to social worker Jean Vernon that she's pregnant. Although Mum is shocked at first, she's more shocked at her daughter Lorraine for shunning Judy because of her pregnancy. Judy says that the father is a nice boy, but he plans to go to university and doesn't want to ruin his plans.

When Mum is released from prison, she and Judy move into a small flat together. Although Jean regular visits to the two as her job requires, it's found out that Meg Jackson has been dropping in from time to time for the occasional social call, which Jean warns her isn't allowed.

Bea Smith ends up seeking refuge with Mum and Judy when she escapes from hospital after being stabbed at Wentworth. Although Mum feels the need to help Bea, Judy is upset at Bea for putting them at risk. Judy eventually agrees to go see a friend of Bea's named Val to get a disguise for Bea. Upon learning that Val has packed up and moved, Judy buys Bea a disguise with her own savings in the hope that Bea will leave, which she eventually does.

The next time we see Judy, she is due to give birth, however Mum's health has deteriorated. Karen Travers who is released by then, is persuaded to move in with Judy to help care for her, while Mum is in hospital. Judy's turn in hospital comes when she gives birth to a boy.

Judy eventually reconciles with her mother Lorraine, and moves back into the family home with Mum.