Joyce arrives at Wentworth charged with having received stolen goods. She immediately recognizes officer Jim Fletcher from visiting her husband Harry at Pentridge. She recalls that there was something peculiar about him but can't remember what it is. This makes Jim nervous.

Joyce tells the other inmates, that her husband did a payroll job, and that she's the only person who knows where the money is hidden. Her husband visits, and she refuses to tell him the location, so he tries to have Joyce snatched from Wentworth, posing as a driver, and injuring Jim in the process.

Monnie Ferguson is due for release, so Joyce makes her a deal - a cut of the profits if she moves it to a safety deposit box. Although successful in her instructions, Monnie is back at Wentworth for assaulting her husband Fred. Monnie gives Joyce the key to the box.

The key is eventually stolen from Joyce's cell and hidden in the shower block by Blossom Crabtree, who is then double crossed by Jim Fletcher, earning a reward for recovering the money.

Joyce is last seen refusing any offer of rehabilitation or training courses, and is transferred to D block.