Jessie Windom is Lexie Patterson's real mother, introduced in a particularly pointless scene with her friend Mabel Morgan. As this scene has no connection with anything that has gone before, the audience is left to guess why we should be interested in two old tarts reminiscing about the good old days. After some talk about Lexie by her supposed mother who has looked after her since infancy, Jessie decides to see for herself how Lexie has really turned out like. She decides to commit a small time crime to get imprisoned for a month. At first Lexie is convinced that Jessie is homosexual because she won't stop looking at her and asking her friends about her. She arranges to tell Lou Kelly that Jessie is a lagger to have Jessie beaten up and dealt with. Jessie continues to try and get to know Lexie and helps her escape and funds paperwork to help her flee the country. Harry Bassinger who is a serial killer cop of escaped prisoners locates Lexie staying at Jessie's house and while Jessie is out running errands for Lexie to flee the country, Harry cons his way into the house in attempt to kill Lexie. They realize he is an ex police commissioner and both Jessie and Lexie get thrown back in jail as police turn up to Jessie's door closing in on Lexie. Poisoned by Lou Kelly. Escapes from prison and sets a trap which catches Harry Bassinger. Released (620). As a treat for the women, sends a male stripper on the back of a van to park outside the gates (624). The sex dummy Alice Jenkins receives in the post (675) is also supposed to be a present from Jessie.

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