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Initially introduced as a friend of Pippa Reynolds (540). This takes until (549) when she is arrested for the murder of her tyrannical grandmother, who had prevented her attending the Conservatoire to develop her talent as a pianist. Her conviction that she must soon be released is shattered when the witnesses who might establish her innocence disappear or die. As if her treatment by the other women were not enough, a group of terrorists break into Wentworth shortly after her arrival, and Jenny is tormented by their leader, Ram, who holds an unloaded gun to her forehead and pulls the trigger (551). Her lawyer is pretty hopeless, and she appoints another suggested by May Collins (562). Her trial (568) ends with a hung jury and she is returned to Wentworth to await a retrial. She finds out that her uncle Steven Formby has been arrested for his wife's murder (584), and is told he has also confessed to her grandmother's murder. Lexie asks her to look up Lady Brooks-Giddings, who Lexie believes to be her mother: when she does so, Lady Giddings assumes Jenny is attempting to blackmail her (585). She is last seen when she decides to leaves Ann's house to look for a flat on her own (588).

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