Jenny arrived at Wentworth Detention Centre with two other inmates, Evelyn Randall, and Georgie Baxter. Emerging from the police van with a bloody nose, she had angered Georgie, and managed to get in a fight with her.

Jenny's crime was only minor - she didn't pay a fine, and was arrested after an overseas trip to Africa. Thinking prison life sounded "fun", she opted not to pay her outstanding fine, and serve time at Wentworth instead. Lizzie befriended her, and upon hearing of Jenny's intentions, she told Jenny a few truths about what life really is like in prison. Jenny promptly paid her fine, and was released.

Not long after this, staff and prisoners were falling ill to an outbreak that Jenny was suspected of transmitting, as she had returned from Africa. The illness was actually caused by Evelyn Randall.


  • One of the shortest appearances by a prisoner, lasting only one episode.
  • The introduction of Jenny, besides her crazy reason for being inside, seemed to serve nothing more than a plot point - to throw viewers off guard as to who was responsible for the illness.