Jean was a young and idealistic social worker, who meant well, but often let herself get into awkward situations.

She got off to a bad start with Meg Jackson, though mostly it was due to Meg being upset that her dead husbands old office was being used so soon. However, this didn't last, and Jean often drove Meg home, in her VW Beetle. Jean having troubles with her flat asked Meg straight out whether she could move in with her instead. Although Meg needed time to think, she eventually agreed. Before long, the kitchen in Meg's flat was cluttered up with pots and pans in failed cooking attempts, despite Jean claiming to be an excellent cook. Despite all this, the two got on well, and Jean was able to warn Meg when she was making contact with ex-prisoner Mum.

Despite Jean disappearing (apparently taking a position elsewhere) she is back at Wentworth before long, with no explanation of her absence however, once again she moves in with Meg. Jean also persuades Meg to let Noeline Burke's daughter Leanne move in to help her get on the straight and narrow. This fails, and Jean is seen moving out of Meg's flat and leaving the series for good, as she doesn't appear after this, however her name is mentioned.