Jason Richards appeared on Prisoner from Episodes 027 - 029.

Jason richards

Jason Richards

Jason RichardsEdit

Jason Richards was the stage name of Frederick Rice, a pop star that seemed to be very popular with younger girls, although Meg Jackson claimed her son Marty had some of his records.

Jason was married to Susan Rice, a mentally unstable woman, to whom he had children with. Frederick tried to start a music career but was unsuccessful. Realising it was all about image, Frederick re-invented himself as Jason Richards, a single man with no ties, and his music career took off.

Unfortunately for him, his wife Susan, believed that Jason and his alter-ego were literally two different people, and that Jason had taken Frederick's name away because Frederick had fallen in love with him.

Jason was giving a television interview when Susan who was in the audience, made her way to the stage and threw acid on his face, while the show was going live-to-air.

Jason was hospitalised, but was described to have horrific burns and apparently lost the sight in one eye.

Frederick Rice/Jason Richards was played by David Bradshaw.

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