Janet arrived at Wentworth Detention Centre to start work as an officer. However, she had a secret - she'd been an inmate of Wentworth 12 years previously, although she was only on remand for receiving stolen goods, she had been found not guilty.

Jim Fletcher, upon meeting her, was disappointed that Janet was very new to the job, fresh out of training. Within a short time, Bea Smith recognized her, but she couldn't pick where she had seen Janet before. Doreen Anderson seems to make threats about Janet' brother's discount electrical goods store, but Bea convinces Janet that Doreen was making a harmless joke.

It isn't long before Jim asks Janet out to dinner. They seem to hit it off well and begin a relationship. When Jim finds out about Janet's past his feelings seem to cool off, he wants to keep things casual and discreet at work. This angers and hurts Janet as she sees things differently. They have a row and Janet sets about trashing Jim's house. Janet eventually comes to believe that Jim is having an affair with Meg Jackson, which is untrue. After Jim ends the relationship, she begins obsessively stalking him.


Janet and Ian on their last day leaving Wentworth

Jim eventually leaves Wentworth, and Janet sets her sights on another man, print instructor Ian Mahoney, who is at the prison to help the prisoners with a printing press project. Janet eventually leaves Wentworth to marry Ian.