Jake Stewart is a Senior Officer at Wentworth Detention Centre.

Personality Edit

Jake is shown to be a sneaky, egotistical, cowardly and highly intelligent man. While he initially comes off a charming, easy going officer, it is soon apparent that Jake is a corrupt officer who specialises in dealing drugs, Jake has also shown to be capable of cold blooded murder when under pressure, as he shot Nils Jesper dead and blew up the van he was in to hide any evidence and so that he could not reach court and give evidence against Joan Ferguson

Trivia Edit

  • Whilst there was an officer in the original series with a similar name, Jock Stewart, Jake is mainly based off another officer named Terry Harrison, both had a romantic relationship with Vera Bennett, were corrupt officers who smuggled illicit items in for the women and both of them had falling outs with Vera after being exposed for their corruption.