Jacqueline Ann Brent




Assault, attempted armed robbery

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Lynette Letico

Miscellaneous "muscle", often in tandem with Lil Stokes : she seems to take the place of Bev Cavelli . Her earliest appearance as a non-speaking character is around (319). During the Great Fire episode (326), Bea says to her "You do it, Jacko" when Margo Gaffney refuses to be lookout. Her first credit is in (341) when she and Lil are bashed by Nola McKenzie in revenge for their earlier attack on her, and her last is in (575), talking to Eve Wilder in solitary. She seems to go through a bewildering variety of hairdos, including a "Bea Smith" style from about (428) and frizzy bleached perm in the brief montage of background characters in the final episode. Her surname changes almost as often: you might assume "Jacko" to be short for "Jackson", but she is referred to as either "Brent" or "Shepherd" on return from Woodridge (320); "Kennedy" by Colleen (323), again in (326) and Willie refers to "Jacko Kennedy" (556). By a process of elimination from the muster call for laundry in (564), she seems to be "Brent", a name that was also used for no-one in particular in (562). She is one of the few people who witnessed the down fall of Joan Ferguson .

Lil and Jacko

She is played by Lynette Letico