Jacqueline Mary Nolan appeared on Prisoner from Episodes 149 - 159.

Sarah ForrestEdit

Sarah Forrest went to a party one night and met Jim Fletcher. Instead of telling her his real occupation, He told her he was a building contractor. Sarah assumed this would be beneficial, as she was in the interior design business.

Jim decided Sarah's business was worthwhile enough to invest money in, something her partner Julian Phillips was very cautious about.

Eventually Sarah and Jim slept together, and in the morning, looking for a bathrobe in his wardrobe, Sarah found Jim's prison uniform and froze in horror. Instead of having a shower, she left Jim's place immediately, and became cold towards Jim after this.

Co-incidentally, Erica Davidson was thinking of redecorating her house, and heard from Meg Jackson that Jim knew an interior designer. After attemps to put her off, Erica visits to enquire about her house, and thinks she must have seen Sarah before. She asks Meg to get some files from storage.

Jackie NolanEdit


Nolans mugshot

Jackie Nolan was a prisoner of Barnhurst who escaped 6 years before her discovery... She escaped mainly due to the unwanted attentions of a lesbian screw.

Although Jackie adopted the alias of Sarah Forrest, and fronted a successful interior design business, it happened to be fate that she got herself discovered and imprisoned again. She was given many opportunities to decide what she wanted to do about her fate, but in the end, she turned herself in (she was given the chance to immediately leave the country, and a few hours to pack up and run).

On arrival at Wentworth, Jackie and Jim try to disassociate themselves from each other, however Jim joins a PRG meeting. He argues that places like Wentworth are supposed to rehabilitate and that is exactly what Jackie has done with her business. The press are eager to tell the story and Jackie is soon pardoned.

Jackie's and Jim's relationship ends with her leaving Wentworth behind.