Prostitute who is picked up by Ron Crosby and goes back with him to his motel in Judy Bryant's cab, but changes her mind when she gets there, and instead lifts his wallet and robs him, leaving the empty wallet in Judy's cab. This leads to Judy being sent back to Wentworth when she is suspected of assaulting and robbing the customer.

Jaqueline Louise Donahue, 'Jackie' later turns up in Wentworth on a 2-week soliciting charge. Naturally to Judy's delight who wants Jackie to put the record straight. Jackie refuses at first but after a little "heavy" persuasion from the women she comes to her senses and sign a confession that clears Judy. She is later released from Wentworth and gets away with a fine for the robbery.

We meet Jackie again on the outside when she and Susie Driscoll bump into each other. Jackie takes her for dinner and introduces her to another prostitute Donna Mason.