Irene Zervos

Irene Zervos appeared as an inmate of Wentworth Detention Center for three episodes from 038 - 040.

Irene Zervos

Full Name:

Irene/Irini Zervos


Prostitution, illegally living in Australia

First Appeared:

Ep 038

Last Appeared:

Ep 040



Played by:

Maria Mercedes

Irene (Irini) ZervosEdit

Irene (or Irini as her family calls her) was a young Greek woman arrested for prostitutuion. She was unable to speak English, making her arrest and admittance to Wentworth a traumatic and confusing experience. She had to rely on Karen Travers for some support, although Karen only had an understanding of basic Greek herelf.

Irene's fiancee rejected her after her arrest. She is also unable to count on any help from her brother who is an illegal immigrant, like Irene. It's eventually revealed she was blackmailed into prostitution due to being an illegal immigrant.

Irene is eventually released from Wentworth when her bail is paid only to be arrested outside the gates, and immediately deported.

Irene Zervos was played by Maria Mercedes.

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