Rita Connors' elderly auntie involved with her niece's biker gang. She plays devious tricks in front of the officers by putting on a 'classic Birdsworth' by faking an illness as well as pretends to be disgusted of Rita's association with the Conquerors. She is responsible for smuggling in the CB radio which Rita later uses for private conversations with Slasher. Ida also played a part in smuggling cocaine into Wentworth through the use of a RC car with Bongo.

She is then remanded at Wentworth as an accessory to armed robbery together with Roach Waters though claims that she was an innocent bystander. She "charms" the judge into letting her off.

She visits Wentworth at Rita's request and arranges Kath Maxwell's kidnapping

After Rita has been diagnosed with cancer, Alice Jenkins calls Ida who visits Rita in the reward cell (691) who questions Rita's growing closeness with Ferguson.

Notes Edit

Actress Paddy Burnett has played many roles in Prisoner: Joyce Martin's Aunt Madge (44), a matron who visits Driscoll House (304) and Margot, one of the elderly in the flats where Ettie lives briefly (543) before playing Ida Brown.