Ian Mahoney is brought in to help the women of Wentworth with a printing press project (257). He charms the women with his sense of humour and they all take a liking to him and his classes. He also helps the women to start a newspaper, 'The weekly Stirrer'.

Ian immediately starts flirting with Meg Morris and makes a couple of moves. He figured since her husband is away in Indonesia and he himself is separated that they both could be beneficial to each other. Meg Morris is not particularly keen on the idea and they agree to simply be friends. Janet Conway is next to get his attention and this time Ian's efforts aren't wasted. They start dating and things progress fast with Ian proposing marriage. Janet accepts and at their last day at Wentworth she also finds out that she is pregnant. They leave Wentworth together to get married in Queensland (274).

Ian was played by Peter Curtin who later play Detective Thorn