Helen smart

Helen Smart

Helen Smart was a prisoner of Wentworth Detention Centre on many occasions, appearing from Episodes 118 - 441.

Helen Smart

Full Name:

Helen Smart


Prostitution, Kidnapping


First Appeared:

Ep 118

Last Appeared:

Ep 441



Played by:

Caroline Gillmer

The Tart With A HeartEdit

Helen was frequently in and out of Wentworth for prostitution and related charges. She is first seen walking past Kerry Vincent's cell the two knowing eachother from their line of work, though Helen is released shortly after this.

Helen next appeared in Wentworth on a 10 days sentence for not paying a fine for prostitution. On her release, she was able to forge Doreen Anderson's signature to draw money from a bank, and organise a getaway car during the tunnel escape.

Helen's next stint was due to being framed for posession of drugs, although she was eventually cleared of this.

After this, her next stint at Wentworth is during the plot about the prostitute killer. She gets attacked at home but manages to escape.

Helen gets arrested again for Prostitution, Lizzie and Maxine want her to take over as top dog so that way Nola can't cause trouble, Helen isn't interested.

Helen helped Judy Bryant buy Driscoll House II for a cheap price. In return, Helen later turns up at Driscoll House II to ask Judy to help rescue her sister Sharon Smart who is involved in a cult. Arrested for kidnapping Sharon after the accidental killing of cult deprogrammer Colin Burton and sent back to Wentworth. Taken ill during the lassa fever outbreak and gives the women the background on Sonia Stevens. We don't see her after this, Judy tells Hazel Kent that Helen was sentenced to three years at her trial and had been taken to Barnhurst.

Returns on a transfer from Barnhurst for assaulting an officer there in episode 419. Helen notices that Bobbie is eating one of the goodies that Lizzie brought as a gift to the women but Helen tells her and Judy that Sonia is selling them. She identifies Belinda Johns as an ex-prostitute. She is bitten by the snake that Cass Parker brings inside. She has sex with one the men who is putting the speakers into Wentworth.

Helen was last seen transferred to B Block after playing a practical joke on Joan Ferguson (441).


  • The character of Helen Smart usually only served short sentences, giving the prisoners opportunity to get messages passed, or the opportunity to have Helen do a favour for a prisoner, related to which ever storyline was playing at the time.
  • Actress Caroline Gillmer most recently appeared as Judy Moran in Underbelly.