Hannah Simpson was an inmate in Wentworth who was jailed for armed robbery (288). Joan Ferguson immediately takes a fancy to her and arranges for her to be attacked so that she may appear to rescue Hannah. Joan repeatedly has Hannah put in solitary to try to put pressure on her, and is unable to take part in the escape planned for her by Duncan Campbell through Chrissie Latham. Before her release, Maxine Daniels tells Hannah about Joan's involvement with a prisoner in Queensland, and armed with this knowledge, she makes a formal complaint against Joan (299), but Joan outmaneuvers her and Colleen Powell by contacting her former Governor to tell him to keep quiet. Hannah's suspects that her father's will was changed to write her out of it, and her suspicions are confirmed when her half brother offers her $10,000 to keep her quiet: she demands her full share of the estate. She is allowed out of the dining room where the women are holding a sit-in protest against Joan, so that she can attend court (302) and is brought back to Wentworth on remand to await sentence (303). Joan puts up no opposition to the suggestion that Hannah is reclassified as a low security prisoner and transferred to Barnhurst.

This actress also plays Wendy Glover the under cover cop from Ep 651-659.