In an attempt to distract the guards while Bea Smith bashes Joan Fergueson, Chrissie Latham starts a small fire in the library. Margo Gaffney doesn't think that fire will be enough, so she tosses a moratorium cocktail into the storage room. Unknown to Margo extra turpentine (an accidental over shipment meant for Woodridge) was being stored in the store room. The fire caught very quickly and Bea Smith, Paddy Lawson, Mouse (Heather) Trapp, Barbara Fields and Joan Fergueson are trapped inside.

Mouse (Heather) Trapp catches on fire when she goes into a room and is last seen running down the hall on fire. Barbara Fields is overcome by the smoke as she tries to get Joan Fergueson's diaries out of the governors office. Two bodies are recovered and we are told they are Barbara and Mouse; they both died in the fire. Paddy finds Bea and Fergueson and helps them to get to the roof where fire fighters rescue them all.

while the prison is being rebuilt, the prisoners are sent to the all male prison of Woodridge.

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