Girlfriend of Bill Desmond, first seen when Alan visits her place to try to persuade his father to come home (430). After Myra's arrest for Bill's murder, she throws a party for Myra's daughter Kay, and when the police arrive on the scene everyone is charged with possession of drugs. Gloria is taken to Wentworth (438) where she is inducted as Gloria Jean Payne and Joan immediately sees her potential for upsetting Myra, and tries to set Myra up to bash Gloria. Gloria seeks protection by trying to ingratiate herself with Sonia Stevens, but Sonia uses her to poison Rick Manning's milk. Eventually Joan persuades Phyllis Hunt to arrange an accident for Gloria in the kitchen and frame Myra for it: Phyllis tricks Gloria into bending over near the stove and tips a pan of boiling water over her back. Gloria is then seen in the infirmary, badly scarred and vowing vengeance on Myra (444) and in hospital (445) when Kay visits her. She says she will appear at Myra's trial, but we do not see her (atleast on screen).

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