Marilyn Anne Mason (real name Gladys) appeared from Episodes 001 - 016

Life In Prison Edit

Marilyn is not her real name, possibly due to her choice of career which landed her in Wentworth Detention Center - prostitution. As one of the original characters of the series, when we meet her, she is in the middle of a short sentence, though it's apparent she has been in Wentworth for the same crime in the previous year for only a "short stretch".

While she was on release, she committed blackmail, once again prostitution and fraud. It was not mentioned in the show how she committed blackmail and fraud, however there is a scene where Meg Jackson and Erica Davidson were discussing the matter, and Meg says " she's in for money-related crimes".

While inside Wentworth Detention Center, she meets Eddie Cook, an electrician contracted to do some work on the prison, and when they take a liking to each other, minutes worth of electrical work seem to take days as Marilyn and Eddie sneak off for romantic interludes whenever they get a spare moment.

It's during one of these encounters that a riot at Wentworth takes place, and when trying to leave, Eddie manages to see Chrissie Latham stab Bill Jackson. It is Marilyn who advises Eddie not to say anything to the police as the matter will be dealt with inside Wentworth.

Release Edit

When Eddie proposes to Marilyn, she initially says no, but when she agrees, Eddie sticks with her, and they move in together after her release. Marilyn finds it hard to adjust to being a housewife, and wants to work, since she worked while she was at Wentworth.

After a complaint from businesswoman Helen Masters, and rejecting the advances of her sleazy boss, Marilyn quits her job, and in desperation to make the money to buy Eddie a nice birthday present, she turns to prostitution (for just one job), but Eddie is suspicious of her cash flow, and Marilyn is sent back to Wentworth.

Eventually Marilyn and Eddie manage to patch things up with an offer from Monica Ferguson (who needed a push from Bea Smith). Monica wants Marilyn and Eddie to run her Milk Bar by the beach in Brighton, Melbourne, with the promise of a 10% cut for Monica. With something to invest in, Marilyn manages to stay out of trouble and hopefully live a quiet life with Eddie.

Marilyn Mason was played by Margaret Laurence.