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Gina Balzano is one of the background characters in Prisoner Cell Block H. Background prisoner, whose only credit is when she is given dialogue in two scenes in (603). She acts as lookout outside Rita's cell when the "Warriors" get drunk. Joan calls her by the name Balzano both here and in (602). Rita refers to her as Gina later in the episode when she admits to having bashed her for failing to do the lookout job properly. She can be seen as a background prisoner at least a hundred episodes previously, certainly long before she is named Gina for the first time when she is introduced to Jan Grant in (514). During the Phantom Lagger storyline, Gina is lagged on for making alcohol with meths. Gets briefly caught in the crossfire of Kath Maxwell's rec room brawl with Janet Williams. She is one of the few people who witnessed the down fall of Joan Ferguson.

She Is played by Anne-Marie Carley