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Georgie BaxterEdit

Georgina "Georgie" Baxter was an inmate who appeared in episodes 175-186. She was a deaf teenager with violent issues compared to Franky Doyle who she later has an operation on her ear and calms down a bit.she deserves a chance , she been through a lot in her life,

Days In WentworthEdit

Georgie Baxter is seen in the van with two other inmates arriving in Wentworth. Her true colours are already revealed when she is seen attacking one of the arrivals in the van causing her to go straight to the hospital, never to be seen at Wentworth again (175). While in reception, she gets violent with officer Jim Fletcher and is sent to solitary immediately. She still causes trouble by tearing her uniform, writing graffiti on the floor with her breakfast and talking to Lizzie rudely while calling her an old bag when she serves her breakfast in solitary. When she gets out, she is already hated by the other women and goes back to solitary after attacking Bea in the dining room (176). After the some of the women get sick from Evelyn's poisinous medicine, Georgie looks after them and is later befriended by Judy (177) but the friendship doesn't last very long when Judy kisses Georgie on the mouth which causes Georgie to lose her temper and gets sent to the governors office (178). She later befriends Bea after Georgie's estranged mother arrives in Wentworth (180). After having her operation Georgie and her mother finally make up and Georgie is released later on (183). Doreen gets jealous of the friendship between Bea and Georgie and feuds with Georgie. This fight annoys Bea but after Doreen taunts Georgie in the rec room Bea sticks up for Georgie and lags on Doreen (181) which causes a war between Bea and Judy. Georgie seems to make things worse after setting up Judy and her crew and costing them their buyups. Judy tries to tell Bea about this but Bea doesn't believe her. After Hazel decides to change sides with Judy and helps Mouse steal Bea, Lizzie and Georgie's buyup, a riot starts in the dining room and the feud ends after Bea gets knocked out by Bev (182). Georgie and Bea make up with Judy after this though Doreen seems to still hate Georgie. Georgie is later released but things don't go to well in the beginning after her boyfriend Mike "The Bike" shows his true colours which causes Georgie to break up with him and leave his house. She is last seen working at a super market and lives a happy life on the outside (186).

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