Geoff #1

Geoff Maynard is the husband of Lori Young, Judy Bryant's daughter. He and Lori are spending their honeymoon in Melbourne waiting for Judy to be paroled. They speak to Meg Morris who advises them on how to increase Judy's chances. They get her old job back as a taxi driver and also rent a flat. When Judy gets released (254), Geoff and Lori are there to meet here at the gates. They spend a couple of days together before returning to Queensland.

When he returns (345) about a year later he is played by a second actor. Lori has left him and blames him for their son David being deaf. He turns up at Driscoll House looking for Lori.

Geoff 2

Geoff #2

Geoff #1 was played by Andrew Clarke

Geoff #2 was played by Andrew James