Gail lives next door to the flat Meg Jackson decides to move to, and within minutes of meeting, Gail tells Meg her life story about being a stressed out mother.

Gail has difficulty coping with her three small children while her husband is at work all day. The kids are behaving like kids, except Gail who has difficulty dealing with her children takes the unreasonable course of hitting one of them, causing some injury. At first, her husband Tim is suspected, but eventually Gail cracks and confesses that she is to blame.

Gail is then sent to Wentworth, where she is advised to come up with a story to cover her real crime. This was in order to protect her from the other prisoners, especially Bea Smith who was known to hate "child bashers". Meg suggests telling the other prisoners that she was caught for shoplifting and couldn't afford to pay her bail. This cover story seems to work, unfortunately a remark from Jim Fletcher blows her cover. Gail's husband Tim visits to tell her he has custody of the children, and Jim remarks it's "probably for the best" while Doreen Anderson and Lizzie Birdsworth are present. Naturally this sparks curiosity, and Gail eventually tells the women.

Gail begins to suffer at the hands of the women, who keep threatening her, which sends Gail into hysterics about her fate. While talking about her trial, Captain Barton advises Gail to stand up for herself. Gail does this, and tells the woman that she obviously couldn't cope with being a mother, and that she admits she found it difficult but should have asked for help. The women believe her honesty, and back off from her.

Gail agrees to attend support groups in order to eventually prove she will be a good mother. Gail is given a suspended sentence, and ends up moving out, never to be heard from again.