Florence Marne is the mother of Wentworth governor Erica Davidson. Marne appears for the first time when Erica travels to meet her mother as she is ill. The two have an evident strained relationship as she criticizes Ericas's career choice and not having children. Florence has always been cold towards Erica and her brother James. Florence Marne collapses as she is about to answer the phone after Erica decides to call her to reconcile. Florence dies during an operation after suffering a cerebral thrombosis. The doctor at the hospital tells Erica that her mother's apparent coldness towards her children was due to her feelings of guilt after her first child died in an accidental fall. After that she didn't trust herself with children and therefore got a nanny and distanced herself and focused on charity-work. A fact that neither Erica or her brother knew nothing about.

Aileen Britton would later play Mrs Hartley in the series.