First appearance in (285): the writers decide just to drop her into a crowd scene then have her talk to Judy Bryant and Doreen Anderson in the dining room as if she's always been there. By (287) she's operating as the prison bookie, replacing Margo Gaffney who's just been transferred to Barnhurst. She is beaten up by Lil Stokes and Phyllis Hunt for not paying out (288), finds out her money has been stolen and is taken off the book by Joan Ferguson (291). She finds out Margo has replaced her (313). Transferred to another block (?). When she is transferred back (340), she is pressurized by Nola McKenzie to front for her insurance racket and provide cash for Nola's deals. She is released in (346) after Joan has forced her to lag on Nola's dealing, and goes to live with mother, but can't keep away from her old racing mates. One of them arranges a cleaning job for her and she gets an inside tip from another cleaner (347). Her sister Glynis forbids her to see her nephew Billy (349) and she leaves to live in the halfway house, where she tells Judy that Billy is really her son (350) She involves her old mate Snow in stealing the videos from her place of work, but she is caught, returned to Wentworth and transferred to D block (352).