Life In Prison Edit

Eve Wilder was inducted for the murder of her lover Robin Sanderson. She protested her innocence, claiming her crime was an accident, believing she thought she was shooting a burglar.

Her solicitor, Adrian Foster, tells her the police cannot find the bullets in a wall behind where she claims Robin Sanderson was standing. Eve asks Ann Reynolds to find her a new solicitor.

Ann Reynolds mentions Eve's case to Ben Fulbright , who passes it on to David Adams . Eve finds out from Pippa Reynolds that David Adam's marriage has broken up and it is shown in a flashback that Eve shot Robin Sanderson in bed when he told her their affair was over.

Eve begins to cause friction by playing the women off against each other, and manages to gain enough popularity to be asked to judge a talent and beauty contest for the women inside the prison.

Eve manipulates David Adams by flirting with him. Eventually she persuades him to go to her flat and remove the incriminating evidence that has not been found yet.

Eve becomes aware that Joyce Pringle has overheard her conversations with David Adams in the interview rooms. Eve beats Joyce Pringle unconscious with a door, drags her into a cell, bashes her with a kettle and locks herself back in the interview room, leaving Reb Kean to be blamed for the attack on Joyce Pringle.

Eve then begins to urge David Adams to visit the hospital to kill Joyce Pringle, however he cannot go through with killing Joyce Pringle. David returns to the prison and leaves a note for Ann Reynolds, then he shoots himself infront of Eve.

Joan Ferguson is removed from a drier, where a note is found under her collar. Eve and Lou Kelly team up to try and figure out the identity of the Phantom Lagger. Eve works as an informant for Lou Kelly to try and discover who is breaking the hunger strike that Lou Kelly has started.

Death Edit

While Eve is working to figure out who the Phantom Lagger is, Eve begins trading information with Joan Ferguson. This leads to Eve's downfall when Alice Jenkins overhears her admit to Joan Ferguson that she was the Phantom Lagger. Lou Kelly orders revenger on Eve. Eve is then taken to the dining room and strung up to the ceiling, Lou Kelly kicks the chair from below Eve.