Ethel "'Ettie" May Parslow was a long term prisoner who had shifted from place to place. First appears transferred from Barnhurst in (514) and swiftly establishes her character by her puzzlement that female warders should have men's names (Morris and Barry). Due to the efforts of Jan Grant, who realises that Ettie has never even had a trial, she is released and awarded compensation (524). At first she moves in with Meg, who arranges for her to move into a retirement village (530). She cannot settle and commits a series of crimes to be sent back to Wentworth. Eventually contacts Lionel Fellowes who uses her as a diversion for another bank job. Shoots a policeman by accident (545) and is sent to Wentworth on remand (which she initially, and understandably, mistakes for Barnhurst). Delivers a message to Fellowes for Ruth Ballinger, but messes it up, thus sealing Ruth's fate. When she is found guilty and given 2 year's probation (559), she is released a second time, and uses her money to buy a block of flats as accommodation for wayward girls, and Ann Reynolds goes to help her there while she is on leave of absence. She is seen in (594) talking to Ann about Roach Waters and her boyfriend Bongo Connors, but her last appearance is in (600) when she tries to deliver a birthday present to Julie Egbert at Wentworth.

The role of Ettie Parslow was played by the late Lois Ramsey. She had two roles in Prisoner. The first being that of social worker Agnes Forster in the 1980 season.

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