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Erica Davidson (Wentworth)

Prisoner Advocate, and then Governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre.

A lawyer from a long line of well-bred lawyers, Erica sees corrections as a fast track to a bigger, brighter future. It is a forgotten policy area where she feels she can shine. She is attractive and secretly likes the idea of living dangerously, which is why she clicks with the prison environment. It is a world away from the conservative environment she has grown up in and finds increasingly suffocating.

Feminine and sexy, there is a sense of the catwalk about Erica. And it works on men and women. She doesn’t mind being  underestimated  – it can be a handy tool. She also has a lot of internal conflict going on with the moral girl she was raised to be and the morally ambiguous woman she has become. Erica is ashamed of her dark sexual appetite.

Erica has sympathy with the top dogs. She’s not about to tell them, but she sees a parallel on the other side of the bars. She is questing for power too. She is not popular with the correction officers who are suspicious of an outsider assuming she knows what "their" prison needs.

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