Michael tells Geoff why he has a grudge against Jim and offers him $2,000 if he can get Caroline to come back to him. Geoff suggests the only way is to get Jim and Leila back together. Doreen apologises to Bea for spoiling the drama group and Bea's chances of seeing Ken again. Leila phones Meg at Wentworth to find out about Geoff's trial and invites her to dinner, promising not to mention Jim. When Leila puts the phone down she gets a heavy breather call, which is obviously from Geoff (though Leila appears not to recognise his voice, so maybe it was meant to be Michael Simpson?). Paul untypically agrees with Vera that the women aren't ready to have the drama group reintroduced, but Erica wants it to continue, as she's worried about Wentworth's record on rehabilitation. Bea agrees to try to get the women to make the drama group work: Erica tells her to have "a long, hard talk" with her "thespian friends". Meg assures Lizzie that a member of staff has given the dog a good home, but won't say who it is. Judy rushes to save Sharon when she sees Bea approaching her in the garden, but she collapses again. Vera takes her new dog for a walk, but a neighbour tells her she can hear the dog whining when it's locked in all day and points out that pets are not allowed in the flats. Paul warns Jim that his affair with Caroline could get Paul himself into trouble. Leila's sleep is disturbed by a prowler outside the house. Meg is alarmed to find Geoff waiting for her outside work. Greg visits Wentworth: he's returning to sell up the practice and put in a good word for Pat O'Connell, and he has also brought his wedding photos  to show Erica. Erica asks him to talk to Judy and get her to go for tests. Lizzie trie sto comfort Sharon and allay her worries about Judy. Jim finds Leila waiting for him in his hotel room, but Caroline turns up straight away before Leila can explain properly what is worrying her. Judy tells Greg she won't go for tests as her mother died during cardiac surgery. Greg tells Sharon that only she can persuade Judy to go for tests. Lizzie gives Vera a little coat for the dog embroidered with the name "Chips" , because as Lizzie explains "Chips goes with Vinegar". Vera is just about to put the dog's coat on during a walk in the park, when the dog's real owner rushes up to reclaim it. Meg goes to a restaurant with Greg and sees Geoff over at the bar, haloed in "sinister" red light . After she gets another silent phone call late at night, Leila is about to phone the police but her window is smashed when someone throws a brick through it .

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