Bea watches Chrissie being taken to hospital: Meg has to accompany her. Erica asks Vera to fetch Sharon, and Vera responds that it would be more to the point to see Bea. Paul appeals to Bea to get the women to support the craft project he is planning. Sharon complains to Erica that Bea was behind the attack, but Erica decides not to speak to Bea until she can see Chrissie first. Chrissie tells Dr Herbert she will look after her daughter without the help of any man. Meg passes on to Erica the information that she got from Chrissie that Bea was behind the attack on Sharon. Paul and Meg have a heart to heart about children and the problems they cause. Next day, Sharon's attackers are released from solitary. Margo won't lag on Bea under questioning from Erica and she and her two cronies are sent back to solitary for another 48 hours. Erica then sees Bea and tells her that she has given up on her, and is sending her to the isolation block indefinitely. Vera tells Paul he can forget about the craft project now that Bea is in isolation, so he tries to plead Bea's case to Erica - but for once without success. Sharon taunts Bea as she is taken to isolation. Chrissie's contractions start again and Dr Herbert thinks it may be impossible to delay the birth any longer. Chrissie wakes to find she has had her baby under heavy anaesthetic and knows before she is told that it is a girl. She says she will call her Elizabeth: not as Dr Herbert suggests after the Queen ("Bugger the Queen") but after Lizzie. Meg tells Bea about Chrissie's new baby. Mr Muir sacks Doreen for not turning up to work. She blames Kevin for telling the boss she was a criminal, but he finds out that Lizzie did phone in sick for her but under the wrong name. Lizzie comes to the prison to visit Bea but Vera sends her away. She complains to Jim who overrules Vera's decision. During the visit Lizzie suddenly remembers where she has met Caroline and Vivienne before. Bea passes the information on to Jim. Although they both try to evade Jim's questions, Caroline eventually admits that they were at the halfway house. After a visit from Judy, Sharon tells Meg that Judy isn't her sister but her lover, and when Meg tries not to look shocked, Sharon speculates that she might be lesbian herself. Dr Herbert tells Chrissie that Elizabeth will need medical attention for a long time and will have to stay in hospital when Chrissie goes back to Wentworth.

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