Bea tries to put Lizzie's mind at rest by saying she will find out what the police are up to. Paul asks to see Bea to get her to canvass the women for suggestions for the sort of training and activities they would like organised. In return Bea asks Paul to help Lizzie by finding out what the police want. When the VJ arrives to consider the charges against Ros, Paul repeats his recommendation for maximum punishment, while Erica argues for leniency. When Bea passes on Paul's suggestion, Chrissie wonders if the women could start a newspaper like the one at Barnhurst. Bea looks thoughtful when Chrissie says they used to use it pass messages in code. The VJ does not punish Pat, but he follows Paul's suggestion and sends Ros back to solitary for 7 days, even after she apologises and promises not to misbehave again. When Paul won't tell Bea what is going on with Lizzie, she suspects there's a cover-up. Chrissie overhears Bea discussing her suspicions with Pat and offers to help and ends up having to use her home-made key to get access to Lizzie's file in Erica's office. To give her time, an elaborate diversion involving the alarm is set up. Pat and Bea have to pretend to Lizzie that it was all a practical joke, but Lizzie doesn't believe them and sulks even more. Chrissie passes the details of the police report to Bea and Pat: Bea decides to get Lizzie's story to a newspaper by asking for a journalist to visit Wentworth to help them with the newspaper. Paul finds a reporter willing to visit, but he has an ulterior motive and wants to get a follow-up story on Pat. Paul finds his car has been stolen and misses his appointment with the journalist, so Erica has to sign him in. After his talk, Bea hands the journalist a pile of the women's stories to read, including one on Lizzie that has escaped being checked by Vera. When the reporter calls Erica later to ask for a comment on the apparent coverup, she denies that there has been any cover-up over Lizzie and wants to know where he got his information. Lizzie is finally told about Ralph Campbell's deathbed confession : although Lizzie had put enough rat poison in her cooking to make the men ill, he had increased the dose to make it fatal so he could keep the shearers' wages and pay off his gambling debts. There is a message at the prison for Paul - the person who stole his car has been found and the police want to come along and identify the young man, who claims to be Paul's son.

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