Meg won't tell the women why Pat is so long in the Governor's office, but Vera eventually brings Pat back to the rec room in a state of shock. Paul gets permission for Pat to attend David's funeral, though her husband has been refused. Pat sees a TV report that Herbie's change of story was due to Greg . This is a surprise for the women too as they find out for the first time that David is dead. Chrissie's misguided attempt to sympathise (along the lines of "he's better off where he is") provokes Pat to attack Chrissie. When they are both taken to the surgery, Pat attacks Greg and gives his hair a good pulling. Erica asks for Pat's assurance that she will not attack Greg again and when she refuses Erica withdraws permission for Pat to attend the funeral and sends her to solitary. Chrissie warns Greg that he won't be popular with the women after "shopping" Pat. Paul finds out that Pat has been refused permission to go to the funeral and goes to Erica's office to argue Pat's case. He succeeds - Erica gives in. Ros talks to Pat in another cell in solitary through the toilet bowl  to try to find out why she is in solitary. Vera tells Pat she can go to David's funeral after all. Chrissie asks Bea for protection against Pat but Bea isn't very agreeable to the request. Paul sees both Lizzie and Ros - they both seem ready to turn over a new leaf and look to the future. Pat attends the funeral handcuffed to a policewoman . Paul confounds Jim's prediction by recommending that Ros serves her maximum time in solitary. Paul is taken by Greg to see the halfway house to check it out for Lizzie and is told that Doreen has got a job. Det Sgt Little interviews Lizzie again about the events surrounding her original imprisonment: she says she poisoned the stew with "rat stuff" when the shearers teased her about her cooking. When Meg invites Greg to his own leaving do in the Governor's office, he says he'd rather leave without any fuss but eventually he agrees to attend. Meg rebuffs Jim's attempt to make peace by inviting her to dinner. Lizzie sees Greg packing up and asks Vera if she can say goodbye: she tells him not to blame himself for what happened to Pat. Meg accompanies Greg to the gate after the farewell party . Lizzie tells the police that both she and the shearers were owed thousands in wages by the overseer Ralph Campbell, a sum of money which disappeared on the very night the shearers died. Lizzie assumes the police are trying to pin the theft of the money on her, but Erica tells all the staff that the police believe that Lizzie may be innocent of the murder charge that has kept her in Wentworth for 20 years.

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