Bea, Pat and Ros have their coffee making things confiscated after lights out for staying up talking: Ros decides to make her digs at Jim in the play even more harsh. Greg warns Karen not to get her hopes up about the newspaper article, but it is published  and Erica gives Greg a roasting for passing on confidential information. She also points out that the parole board do not like being but under pressure by publicity. Greg is so annoyed by Erica's warning that he must choose between Wentworth and the halfway house that he threatens to resign from his post at Wentworth. Vera tells the women she'll be watching the rehearsals, but Lizzie fakes an attack to get Vera out of the laundry to give them a chance for a quick run through. Vera takes her to the surgery where Lizzie helps herself to some cotton wool from Greg's desk. Doreen makes a Christmas cake for Lizzie and soaks it in port. While she's out in the grounds supposedly recovering from her "attack", Lizzie talks to Vera about what she used to do for Christmas: she says her mother had asthma and so wouldn't have a Christmas tree in the house or allow her to have pets. When Lizzie is left alone, she finds a little conifer in the garden and and smuggles it inside to use as a Christmas tree . Vera finds Meg miserable in the staff room: she has had a letter from Marty to say he's not coming home for Christmas. Doreen goes to the gates to deliver her presents, and manages to persuade Vera to take them inside for her. Vera then has trouble when Jim checks it in, but Vera has already removed the card so it's not clear who it's from. Vera gives Lizzie the card from Doreen's present and Lizzie wants to know where her cake is: Vera warns her not to complain or she'll get Doreen in trouble. Pat gets her parole, and goes home to a welcome message from her children . The officers are surprised that so many prisoners have taken up the opportunity to get visitors under the visitor's scheme, but Bea has told them to do so to keep the officers occupied. Pat visits David in Pentridge: she sees him get punched in a disgreement with one of the guards. The play goes ahead with Bea as Miss Bennett  and Lizzie as "Letch", who faints at the sight of tomato ketchup . There are also digs at Vera  and Meg and Greg . The officers make an excuse and leave one by one as it is their turn to be insulted. One of the prisoners sings "Silent Night" as Meg does her rounds and we see the women in their cells. The police come to Pat's house looking for David; they tell Pat he has escaped from prison.

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