Bea wonders aloud to Toni why she killed Jacqui Coulson herself when she could have just got someone to do it for her. This moment of female bonding is interrupted by Vera who sarcastically enquires "Pyjama parties now, Smith?" After apparently wandering through the woods all night and somehow undoing the tape over her mouth while her hands are still tied , Glenys stumbles upon a road and is saved by a female driver passing by (en route to a casting session for a soft porn movie  it seems). Angela invites Erica to a meeting about the halfway house project, and then drops in at the surgery to persuade Greg to attend also by pointing out that Karen would be involved and thereby would become independant of Angela herself. After a visit at the prison from Judith-Anne, Meg asks Greg to visit Mum. Her invitation to dinner falls on stony ground and he mumbles that he's "already committed". Toni finds out about Glenys' escape from her solicitor. A casual remark from Martha about "stronger smokes" alerts Bea to Toni's drug peddling: she drags Doreen out of the laundry to find out all the details and gives her a smack in the face for going along with it. Bea warns Toni at lunch that she could easily have Martha framed and sent to solitary. Greg tells Erica that Doreen had been to see him after an apparent bashing and advises her that she should only support Doreen's parole application if would get support on the outside, as he suspects she is showing signs of schizophrenia. Doreen lets slip in an interview with Erica that it was Bea who hit her, but she appeals to Erica saying that she wants to be released. Despite being guarded by the same pair of incompetent detectives in a hotel room, Glenys gets a threatening note in her meal . Karen makes Erica and Greg uncomfortable at the meeting about the halfway house and is told off afterwards by Angela for being childish and putting her own feelings before the interests of the halfway house. Greg tells Meg about Angela's lesbianism to justify his reaction to the meeting. Meg decides that Greg must sort out his feelings for Karen before she will go out with him again. Greg visits Mum and advises her that she has a chest infection, her blood pressure is very low and she needs rest. Doreen has a surprise visitor called "Patrick", but when she reports back it was only another coded message for Toni. Greg asks Karen to move in with Mum to look after her, but she takes the huff and assumes his main concern is to get her away from Angela. Greg's concern proves well-founded when Mum arrives home in distress, gropes in her handbag for her medicine  and collapses.

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