Karen is impressed by Angela's house (and indeed, a props buyer with unusually good taste seems to have been used). The women start to express doubts about Toni's ability to deliver further goodies, so Toni blames the "lagger". Toni's solicitor tells her that her husband Sean has instructed him that Toni could fend for herself for a while and he shouldn't use up any more "favours" by helping her. An photograph of Glenys appears on news stands, but it is so unconvincing  that the newspaper seller fails to recognise her when she buys a paper from him. Toni returns to the laundry to say she has no goodies as her solicitor was searched on his way in, leaving only Martha in full support of Toni. Karen meets some of Angela's leftie friends, one of whom actually uses the phrase "the day of the revolution" and has been in prison for forgery himself. Toni's solicitor protests at being searched for the second day running, and is taken to see Erica by Officer Owen . He leaves without seeing Toni rather than allow his briefcase to be opened. Vera takes great delight in telling Toni in front of the other women. Martha urges Toni to take action against Monnie for lagging. Angela tells Karen that the PRG has been given $20,000 for their halfway house project by a businessman, Mr Chilton and fills her in on one of the people they might be able to help, a woman called Pat O'Connell. She also says that there is no chance of getting a replacement for Greg, so she should try to use her influence to get him to go back. Unfortunately, she chooses to phone him at the surgery while Meg is visiting. Glenys Buchanan fails to notice that she is being followed by two men. Martha pours hot soup over Monica in the dining room to provoke her . Vera turns a blind eye to the incident until Monica retaliates. As Vera takes Monica to the Governor's office, she maliciously "remembers" that Monica is due to be released that same day. Fortunately for Monica, Meg has seen Martha and Toni signalling to each other, which confirms Monica's claim that it was a set-up. Erica tells Meg to take Monica to her cell and stay with her until her release. Martha has a visitor she's never seen before: he gives her a coded message about Glenys to pass on to Toni. Monica is released, declaring it will be her last time inside. Karen and Angela visit Greg in his surgery, but they fail to persuade him to go back to Wentworth, but Angela leaves her card, hinting that he could get Karen on one of the numbers. The men watch outside Glenys's flat to see her come and go. Dr Herbert tells Greg that Angela is a lesbian, or, as he quaintly puts it, "gay".

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