Clara confesses she's been guily of a little "creative accounting" for charitable purposes and her firm have just

Doreen's teddy bear is dismembered

called in external auditors after discrepancies were noticed the books. Vera visits Bea in hospital to tell her she's going back to Wentworth. Bea starts saving her tablets. Lizzie and Doreen think that Noeline is scary and Lizzie calls her a "desperate woman". Noeline warns Karen to stay out of her way, but Karen insists she's not about to take sides between her and Monica. Monnie enlists the help of Lizzie and Doreen to trap Noeline in a scalding shower. Jean has to tell Karen that the halfway house idea will have to wait as the finance has fallen through. Clara returns to tell Steve she has been arrested after all: she says that although a discrepancy of $75,000 has been discovered, she'd embezzled over a quarter of a million dollars in total. The women get buyup apart from Doreen, Lizzie and Monica. Karen agrees to buy something for Lizzie and Doreen which puts Monica's nose out of joint. Noeline helps herself to some of Lizzie's cigarettes. A detective from the Consorting Squad interviews Vera about Ann's letter, but she denies she knew George very well. Bea distracts the policewoman guarding her long enough to drug her tea, then waits until later that night to make her escape dressed in civilian clothes stolen from another ward. She seeks refuge with Mum, having got the address from the letter that was left with the flowers. Mum agrees to hide Bea for a few days, despite her own and Judith-Anne's objections. Doreen comes to the laundry in tears having found her teddy dismembered (by Noeline, it appears). Erica tells the women that Bea will not be returning that day as planned, as she's escaped. Clara can't organise bail for herself and so has to go to prison on remand. Jean phones Mum to find out why she hasn't kept an appointment with her, so Mum pretends she has been ill and didn't go in to work. Jean thinks something is wrong and tells Meg about it. Syd tells Jean he doesn't want Lynn to come to the nursery any more. George returns and tells Vera to turn him in or she will go to prison for helping him, so she phones the police. Clara meets the women and is an instant hit with Monica and Lizzie when they hear how much money she stole. Mum has a visitor, so Bea has to hide in the next room. The visitor is Meg.

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