As Erica arrives at work, she reminds the officer who is (for no very good reason) inspecting the fire hose outside reception of the new security arrangements. Vera is caught red-handed scanning the files in Erica's filing cabinet: she claims she is only looking for evidence to back up her hunch that Monica was framed. Barbara tells Vera she should be grateful to her for giving her the chance to look good in front of "Auntie Erica" and repeats her demand for a TV and asks to be moved out of the laundry. Sarah returns to school, despite her mother's concern that it is too soon. Toddy throws Franky out so he can have a nuzzle with Doreen. Sarah's headmaster phones home to tell her parents that she fainted in assembly, so her mother goes to collect her. Hearing the women speculating, Vera maliciously informs Bea that Barbara is inside for smuggling drugs. Sarah's rapist is revealed as Bert Warren, one of her father's employees, nervously scanning a newspaper to see if he has made the news. Bea searches Barbara's locker, suspecting that she must have more drugs hidden somewhere. After hanging around for hours Franky goes back to the rented room for Doreen and sees the bruises on Doreen's face. They decide to leave, but wait until Toddy returns next morning. Franky pretends to want to seduce him but pulls the gun on him, then knocks him out with it. When Lynn returns from hospital, Barbara is moved to share a cell with her. Bea gives Lynn the job of searching Barbara's clothes for drugs, which she does after dark while Barbara is asleep. When Barbara catches her, she claims to be looking for more pills like the ones she had in hospital. Barbara offers to sell her some if she can come up with the cash. Lynn reports back that Barbara is hiding the pills in her bra. Lizzie and Bea forcibly recover them and Bea starts to feed them to Barbara. Barbara's screams draw Meg and Vera to the scene, and Bea taunts them by showing them the drugs they failed to find. Vera brushes off Barbara's appeal for help and warns her not to involve her or she won't protect her from the women. Sarah insists she needs to get out of the house and offers to buy milk from the local shop. While she is there, she sees Bert Warren drive up and phones her mother from the shop. Erica sends Barbara to solitary and reprimands Vera for not checking the parcel thoroughly. Jean surprises Meg with the suggestion that she should solve her own accomodation problems by moving in with Meg. Bert Warren is apparently detained in the shop long enough reading a copy of "Playboy" for Catherine to drive over and arrive as he is leaving. She runs him down and reverses back and forward over him several times just to make sure.