Vera Bennett reminds Karen Travers that she should be ready for muster at 0700.

At home, Meg Jackson is having a conversation with her husband Bill Jackson. Bill wants Meg to quit Wentworth and just be a housewife. They realise their son Marty isn't home and hasn't been home all night. Marty does arrive home though and doesn't explain where he's been.

Lynn Warner , persuaded by Bea Smith's threat, tells Erica Davidson her burn was an accident. Lynn is also horrified when she finds out Mum is being released.

The women are given the chance to give Mum and Bea Smith a party when they are being released. after the general speeches, Mum receives a knitted blanket, one that "every girl made a square for". The two are released, and after Bea Smith expressed some concern about Mum's daughter Lorraine Watkins, the two parted ways.

Lorraine takes Mum out for lunch, then tells her that she couldn't handle her neighbours talking about having a crminal in the family if Mum was around. Mum decides to grab her suitcase and get her own accomodation.

Bea Smith is driven into the city by Eddie Cook, who she invites to a night out - she intends to blow the money she made while in prison and treat Eddie to a night out. The following day, she has her hair done, goes shopping and meets her old friend and past inmate Val, who gives her a gift box, and asks her if she is sure. Bea responds she is.

Franky Doyle sees Lynn in the garden and deliberately angers her by walking all over the plants, and taunting her.

Bea rings a doorbell, which is answered by a young blonde. She tells her to pass on the message she is outside. When her husband Harry comes to the door, he acts smug telling her she can't expect to cone back to him. Bea responds that she doesn't want to come back, and shoots her husband dead, with a gun contained in the gift box.


  • Val Lehman (Bea)'s real life daughter appeared as Debbie in the flashback.
  • Mugshots: Karen Travers, Lynn Warner, Bea Smith
  • Chrissie Latham is mentioned in this episode, however is not seen until Episode 003.


  • Lynn ~ Kerry Armstrong
  • Bill ~ Don Barker
  • Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
  • Franky ~ Carol Burns
  • Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
  • Erica ~ Patsy King
  • Marilyn ~ Margaret Laurence
  • Bea ~ Val Lehman
  • Doreen ~ Colette Mann
  • Eddie ~ Richard Moir
  • Greg ~ Barry Quin
  • Vera ~ Fiona Spence
  • Karen ~ Peita Toppano
  • Mum ~ Mary Ward
  • Mr Gibson ~ Bill Bennett
  • Lorraine ~ Anne Charleston
  • Officer Yates ~ Kirsty Child
  • Sister ~ Belinda Davey
  • Electrician ~ Reg Evans
  • Valerie ~ Billie Hammerberg
  • Marty ~ Ronald Korosy
  • Rosie ~ Ann-Maree McDonald


  • Debbie Smith (in flashback) ~ Cassie Lehman
  • Harry Smith ~ Terry Trimble
  • Porter at the Monarch Hotel
  • Mr Smith's girlfriend
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