Prisoner CellBlock H - Episode 326 - The Fire (without the Halfway House scenes)

Alan talking to Judy Bryant

Ellen Farmer
is inducted along with Lainie Dobson as Ellen Farmer (354), but it is immediately obvious even to the untrained eye that "she" is really a man. The staff are slow to realize the deception, but perhaps they can be excused after years of exposure to lumpy creatures of indeterminate gender. After the other women realize and Maxine Daniels is caught trying to seduce him/her, Alan is released and the Department try to hush the matter up (355). Judy Bryant visits him in (360) to check that he is still waiting for Lainie, and takes him to Wentworth to visit her. She introduces him to Ted Douglas to embarrass him into agreeing to a tattoo removal program for the women. This, on top of the protest arranged by Nola, is probably the last straw which leads to Erica Davidson's dismissal.